#54 Scott Miller / by Michael Kruse


Scott Miller is a partner in DWD Theatre Design and Consulting based in Vancouver BC. He and I speak about our beginnings in Toronto theatre as classmates at Ryerson Theatre School and proceed to a fascinating conversation about designing your theatre. While this is a program about theatre design, we rarely speak about the actual design of our spaces and all the work that goes into them. Scott spoke to me at his office in Vancouver, BC in December 2018, and this is the first of the series of interviews based on the my trip to the west coast in December.

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Gateway Theatre

Caught in the Act, Richmond BC

Ryerson School of Performance (nee Ryerson Theatre School)

York University theatre dept

Touchstone Theatre

Tamahnous Theatre

Rumble Theatre

The Blyth Festival

The Red Barn Theatre in Jackson’s Point and a Retrospective of the Theatre

The fire that burnt the Red Barn theatre

David Vanderlip

Leslie Wilkinson

Nathaniel Kennedy

Janet Amos

Susan Moffet

Crystal Salverda

Martine Beland

Ray Salverda

Brian Cumberland

Tim O’Gorman

Jason McLean

Janet Amos’ Rural Roots; A Memoir about the Blyth Festival

Kawartha Summer Theatre at the Academy Theatre in Lindsay

Katherine Kaszas

Summer Stock Theatre vs. Reperatory Theatre

Drayton Entertainment

Atlantic Theatre Festival in Wolfville NS

Nigel Bennet

Neptune Theatre

Linda Moore

Bruce Klinger

The Rebecca Cohn Theatre

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Steve Lucas

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia

Eastern Front Theatre

Just in Time

Brian Perchaluk

Daniel McIver and Daniel Brooks

Darryl Shaw, head electrician

Charlie Culver, head of audio

Bob carpenter, technical award named after him at neptune

Ron Ulrich

Andy Mawdsley

Theatre Aquarius

The Mayfield Dinner Theatre

Skinny Saints

Phillipa Domville, director

Leigh Kerr

Eddie Candysides, designed by Steve Lucas

DWD Theatre Design and Consulting

Robert Hamilton

Douglas College

The Stanley Theatre

The Chan Centre

Douglas Welch

Vancouver Culture Centre

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Simon Fraser University Downtown Campus

Vancouver Playhouse

The Arts Club Theatre

Artec Consultants Inc.

Theatre Projects

Theatre Consultants Collaborative

Fisher Dachs Associates

LEAD Canada certification

Battleship linoleum

Masonite controversy scroll down :)

Spiralift video

Rigid chain lift

Four Seasons Centre

Doug Morum

ETC Rigging

Chauvet Pro

Elation’s Fuze

Richard Pilbrow

Alan Brodie