The Bellows and The Title Block LIve on Periscope / by Michael Kruse

On February 22 2016, at 19:45 EST The Title Block will be broadcasting its recording session of The Bellows live on the mobile app Periscope.  This month's talk will be Why You Need to Hire a Production Manager. it is sure to be an enjoyable and informative discussion. Instructions to join us live are below:

1. Download the app on ITunes or your android device.

2. Sign in using your Twitter account or your phone number (it is easier with a twitter account). Make sure to enter your confirmation code in order to complete the sign in procedure.

3. Create your Periscope name and you are good to go!

4. Search for @thetitleblockCA or The Title Block in periscope and join the session after 19:15 EST.  You can add comments and I will be monitoring the broadcast throughout the session and will replay when I can.

For more detailed instructions see this link.

To listen to the first episode of The Bellows, go here.